Course Curriculum

Delivered to you in more than 3 hours of lessons and quizzes:

1Establish Your Market Positioning
2Craft Your Personality &
Marketing Messages
3Create Your Verbal & Visual Expression

Learn about the fundamentals of Branding, and why your brand is the foundation of your business. Understand how to go through the Programme so you get the most out of it.


Branding 101


Gain clarity on the deeper reasons for your business' existence, why your business makes the world and your customers' lives better, and how you and your team will work together to grow your business.

Brand Purpose


Brand Vision

Brand Mission

Brand Values

Design your brand's offer and image so it occupies a distinct place in your audience's mind. This is where we work together to figure out your answer when potential customers ask: "Why should I buy from you?"

Brand Positioning 101


Customer Persona

Competition Assessment

Brand Differentiation

Positioning Statement

Brands that succeed in today's Internet era communicate TO an audience, not AT them. This means humanising your business, and creating a personality for it. In this Chapter, we'll learn to do just that.

Brand Personality & Archetypes

Brand Visual & Verbal Representation

Neuromarketing is the study of how marketing messages affect people's brains. We'll learn about why and how to keep your marketing messages simple and emotional.

Applying Simplicity & Emotions To Your Marketing


Define your Core Brand Messages – what you want your audience to understand about your brand, so they see the value behind working with your business.

Brand Messaging 101


Effective Brand Messaging & Copywriting

Primary Messages

Secondary Messages

Storytelling is the oldest form of education and entertainment, widely used to help people build trust among each other. With your various Brand Stories, you'll be able to talk about yourself and your business in a way that resonates with your audience.

Brand Storytelling 101


Brand Founding Story


Brand Message Stories

Brand One-Line Story

The first two things about your business most people will learn about – your name and tagline. Create a name and tagline that captures the essence of what you do, and how you add value to your customers' lives.

Brand Name

Brand Tagline

Built on top of your entire Brand Strategy, we'll create (outsource, unless you have design experience) visuals that amplify the substance of your brand strategy. At the end of this, the look and feel of your business will be more appealing and memorable.

Brand Visual Identity System 101


Hiring The Right Designers & Freelancers

Brand Logo

Brand Colours

Brand Typography

Brand Images

Who Is This Programme For?

✔️ Our Branding & Communications Programme Is A Fit If...

  • You're a self-motivated small-business owner or start-up founder
  • You want a step-by-step, organised system you can use to establish your brand & communications strategy
  • You want to develop brand assets and marketing collaterals that appeal to your audience
  • You want to craft marketing messages that clearly and concisely communicate your business' unique selling points
  • You want an experienced Mentor to guide you with establishing your brand, instead of going at it alone

❌ It's Not A Fit If...

  • You can't invest time into marketing & branding your business
  • You would rather spend $2,000 - $5,000 per month outsourcing to an entry-level marketing agency
  • You're looking for a theoretical course – our programme is optimised for business owners who are ready to implement
  • You run a late-stage company with marketing systems already in place

Ready To Build Your Brand?

Choose from the following options

Full-Support Programme

For the entrepreneurs serious about establishing their brand. Work closely with your Mentor as they support and guide you at every step of the way.

SGD450 - 550
  • Unlimited access to online course
  • 4 Mentorship Sessions
    (~45 minutes each)
  • Full access to quizzes & exercises
  • Priority Programme Q&A Support
    (Get help in less than 24 hours)
  • Time Commitment:
    About 12 hours over 1 month

Semi-Support Programme

Already branded your business? Let's zoom in and focus on your brand's areas of opportunities for growth.

SGD350 - 450
  • Unlimited access to online course
  • 2 or 3 Mentorship Sessions
    (~45 minutes each)
  • Full access to quizzes & exercises
  • Programme Q&A Support
    (Get help in 1 - 3 working days)
  • Time Commitment:
    About 8 hours over 2-3 weeks

Online Course

Want to go through the programme without the help of a Mentor? This option is for you!

  • 14-day no risk money-back guarantee. How?
  • Unlimited access to online course
  • Full access to quizzes & exercises
  • No 1-to-1 Mentorship Sessions
  • No Q&A Support
  • Duration:
    3 hours of online lectures
You can choose to enroll for just the online course first and decide to work with a Mentor later.

Want to learn more about the programme before committing?

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What Other Business Owners Say

Jun, Financial Advisor

"My Facebook ads were getting copied by other financial advisors, and I wanted to move away from having to pay for leads. I wanted to create a brand that prospects see value in. Xpertise's programme taught me a lot, and helped me with creating high-value content that actually helps me attract potential clients."

Kenny, Sales Coach

"My personal brand wasn't centered, and my online growth was stagnating. I couldn't identify my brand strategy and what I stood for, which affected my content creation. After working with Xpertise, I gained much more clarity and confidence in branding and growing my social media page."

Jerry, Financial Advisor

"I gained a better understanding of my Social Media brand. The Mentor I worked with shared many applicable strategies specific to my business, helping me grow my Instagram organic reach. Looking forward to even more growth!"